This is where the magic happens!!! TCS EZ Clean is a water based solvent with a slight citrus scent. It works incredibly well on a wide variety of Carbon based residues including modern gun powders, and it is particularly effective on the residues left by Pyrodex, Triple Seven, and Black Powder. In our shop we use this product to clean all the metal parts of the guns we maintain and repair, because it is so fast and effective. Small parts should be soaked for up to five minutes and then flushed with warm water and thouroughly dried. It is important to oil these parts immediately. The inside of the barrel can be treated with this solvent by soaking a patch, pushing the patch through the barrel, and then letting the solvent stand for one to two minutes. Note: Do not leave this cleaner on metal for more than 5 minutes, as it may oxidize the metal.

SCS EZ Clean 8oz Solvent